What to Pack

What to Pack

Paddling in Baja

First, you need to plan on fitting all of your gear into the performance kayak you will be using on the trip. The hatch openings are 10” and 8” across. Remember you will be paddling all this gear in your boat so the less you bring the lighter your kayak will be.

There are a limited number of tents and sleeping pads for rent. Please reserve one if you need it. If you or your group would like more packing space, consider budgeting $120/day per group for motor support. This is available on Expedition Primers only. If this is something you would like please contact us so we can see if this would be useful for all participants.

Packing list
(remember space is limited)

Paddling Equipment:
2 quart water bottles(s) or Hydration system
Sunscreen and lip protection
Sunglasses with strap
Strap for regular glasses
Sun hat
Non-cotton long-sleeve shirt for paddling
Quick-dry shorts/pants
Paddle Jacket
Water shoes or sandals with heel strap
Bathing suit
Tow belt (if you have one)

Toothpaste & Tooth brush
Shampoo, soap (NOT Dr. Bronners soap! it doesn’t work in salt water.)
Medications (Two sets; leave one in hotel)
Spare batteries for everything
Any clothes you’d like in town

In-camp shirt (s)
Warm camp shirt
Windbreaker jacket
Long warm pants
Warm hat for evening
Beach/light hiking shops
Sleeping bag (in compression sack to reduce size: diameter 9” length 11”)
Sleeping Pad (diameter 6”, length 20”)
Tent, bivy sack or tarp (compression sack: total diameter 8” length 20”)
Rope (12-24’) on tent to tie to sand anchors (anchors provided)

Rental Equipment Available in Baja:
Tent $35
Therm-a-rest $20
Therm-a-rest camp chair $10
Kotatat hydration $10
Kayak sail $100
Mask and snorkel $15
Shortie 3mm wetsuit $20